Sunday, August 27, 2017

Learning Number Game for Kids and Toddlers to 100 With Connect Dots,Number Match Game,Compare Game,Count to 100 Game

A educational game for kids,preschoolers,toddlers,kindergarten from 1 - 5 age.

Your child will learn number from 1 to 100 with funny game,compare number.
Besides they also learn first words about:shape,vehicle,animal,color,fruit.

In “Learning Number Game for Kids and Toddlers to 100” your child will find a lot of exciting and the same time educational games:

• CONNECT DOTS: Connect dots to learn to count to 100, connect dots to learn number,alphabet,shape,vehicle,animal.
• QUANTITY: Match quantity to correct number with animation funny. Your child will count item(vehicle,animal,fruit...),finger,...
• COMPARE: Your child will learn greater than,less than,equal to with visual game.
• DISTINGUISH: Child will learn distinguish and count with puzzle game
• COUNT: Learn to count to 100 with game about tree,fruit,color. Child will take care of trees, picking fruit, and drop fruit to crates with different colors.
• COMPARE GAME: A funny game about compare for your child.

• NO advertisement
• A merry and entertaining educational game!
• Gifts and surprises in each game!
• Amusing characters and animation!
• Dynamic and diverse games!
• Merry music and sound effects!
• Comfortable interface!
• Parental control
• Learn number,alphabet,color,shape.
• 100+ first words about:shape,vehicle,animal,fruit,color...
• Learn to count to 100 with sound clear.
• Learn about compare number, the different.

We are sure that “Learning Number Game for Kids and Toddlers to 100” will become your child's favorite game!